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Relief "Wall" E5 Alpine crossing

Relief "Wall" E5 Alpine crossing

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Detailed landscape relief made of PLA plastic on a solid oiled 20mm thick oak panel for hanging on the wall.

Due to its size, this relief consists of two assembled parts. The separation point is easily visible.

Product features

- High-quality and detailed 3D printing made from PLA plastics, which are obtained from renewable and natural raw materials
- On solid, oiled oak panel (20mm)
- with eyelets on the back for hanging

Care instructions

It is best to use a dry or slightly damp, lint-free, clean and non-marking cloth for cleaning. Please do not use harsh cleaning agents.

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Optional - Individual laser engraving

Personalize your relief with the mountain name, coordinates, height or a dedication

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Isn't your mountain included?

no problem with our individual reliefs!

We can therefore realize any area worldwide!

All we need from you is a map section that defines the desired area.

Individual relief

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