Bring a piece of home, your favorite place, favorite mountain or favorite pass home!

For yourself or as a perfect gift for your friends.

We create your favorite place for you and create lasting and
tangible memories for you and your friends.

In addition to our diverse standard models, we can depict any area worldwide with our individual reliefs.

Individual relief

Your mountain isn't there?

No problem! Order your individual model directly here.
All we need is a map screenshot.
We can cover any area worldwide!

Latest products

  • True to detail

    We use accurate and extremely detailed elevation data for our 3D models.
    The models are then precisely manufactured using the latest 3D printing.

  • Wonderful oak wood

    Our models are presented on high-quality, oiled oak wood.
    If desired, we can also engrave a text of your choice on the front side.

  • Sustainable materials

    Our models are 3D printed from sustainable organic plastic and produced with 100% green electricity in picturesque Chiemgau.

Individual reliefs

Is your favorite place not included?

No problem, because any area worldwide is possible with the individual reliefs!

  • Order

    We can create almost any section worldwide as an individual relief.


    You can upload the desired section, for example as a screenshot of a map section, after selecting the size and color.

    Since our designs are painstakingly created by hand, we unfortunately cannot send you a preview in advance during the ordering process.

  • agreement

    The draft relief of your desired section will be created elaborately for you. This usually takes 1-2 business days.


    We will send you the draft of your desired section with a 3D representation. If there are any requests for changes, we are happy to implement them.
    Size or color changes are also possible without any problems


    If you still don't like the design, we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee.

    So you have no risk whatsoever when ordering

    So you can be sure that you will receive a relief that you are 100% satisfied with.

  • 3D printing

    After your approval, your relief goes into 3D printing.


    This usually takes 2-9 working days, depending on size and workload.

    If it needs to be done faster (1-2 working days), please contact us by email at
    We can also ship via DHL or UPS Express for an additional charge if things are really tight.


    Your relief will then be packaged well and safely and shipped.

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Are you unsure or have questions? Then just write to us. We usually process each request within one day. Please also check your spam folder.